P&G takes on gender stereotypes around domestic work in South East Asia

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has launched a new campaign with e-commerce platform Shopee to challenge gender stereotypes around domestic labour.

P&G has found that since the start of Covid-19, 75% of caregiving work has fallen on women. A survey by PwC previously found that ads in Singapore are six times more likely to show women doing domestic work than men.

The ‘#ChallengeTheChores‘ aims to foster a sense of joint responsibility within households and encouraging family members to team up and tackle household chores together.

What will the campaign include?

  • The campaign, produced in conjunction with Shopee, will be progressively launched across five South East Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam, featuring a series of challenges that aim to inspire families to take on household chores together, such as doing the laundry and childcare.

  • In addition, there will also be livestreams featuring key opinion leaders discusing their personal challenges when tackling household chores, in-app activities to snatch up special deals and win prizes, and the Shopee Catch game to collect as many P&G products giveaway or vouchers as possible.

  • “P&G is deeply committed to equality and inclusion. Through this campaign we want to raise awareness of the imbalanced distribution of chores,” said Alexandra Vogler, e-commerce senior director for Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at P&G.

  • “Through an entertaining short film and an interactive, gamified experience, we hope to inspire people to #ChallengeTheChores and drive greater equality within households,” she said.

Why does this matter?