UK Digital Agency Census: which are the most creative digital agencies in the country?

It’s not easy measuring creativity. Success can be subjective and one creators’ magnum opus can be a major drag for viewers. But it’s a vital component in the arsenal of digital marketing agencies, and a great body of work is often what sets one shop apart from the rest.

So, to find out which of the UK’s digital agencies produced the best creative, we turned to a proxy: awards. We counted and weighted each of the awards won by every agency in our Census to discover which outfits had won the most (and most important) trophies.

The results of our Digital Agency Census, released throughout March, have already revealed the agencies with the best reputation according to their peers, and the state of staff satisfaction across the nation. Next week, we unveil the agencies with the best client relationships, before announcing the best agencies across the board in our Elite List.

But first, we’re revealing which digital agencies can boast of being the most creative in the country.

Which agencies came out on top?

The digital agencies in the country that won the most awards are listed below. You can see the top 50 digital agencies here.

Peer rank Agency
2 AnalogFolk
3 Stein IAS
4 Karmarama
5= Mosquito Digital

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