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Singapore government launches digital tool to help business manage staff mental health

The Singaporean government's tool is intended to help businesses relieve pressure on staff

The Singapore Government has launched a tool to help businesses identify stressors for staff and improve working conditions.

The iWorkHealth tool has been launched at a time when most employees are working remotely from home and employers have a tougher time of knowing how their staff’s mental health is faring.

The tool is, for the most part, an online survey for employees to take which delivers data to employers, which they can then use to improve the working life of staff.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, the Singaporean government body that has launched the tool, the tool will help companies see the areas they need to intervene if the survey reveals any issues.

The mental health of employees in the advertising and marketing industry has become a core topic, with agencies putting it at the forefront of their agenda for 2021. The advertising industry has a complicated history with employee mental health, with many deeming the industry poor at looking after mental health, and issues such as burnout being common.

How does it work?

  • A business has to register with iWorkHealth and then get employees to fill out the survey.

  • The survey has around 71 questions. Areas covered include stress-related factors at the workplace including job demands, job control, job recognition, organisation culture, and relationship with supervisors and co-workers.

  • The company will receive an aggregated report, as well as team reports.

  • The company is then encouraged to ‘intervene’ around any issues in the report.

  • To see if the interventions have worked, a company can then retake the survey to see if scoring has improved.

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