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Free Report: 10 Tips for Acquisition Email Success

Claritas is sharing the secrets behind their email success in their latest report, Ten Tips for Acquisition Email Success

If you’re not using email to attract new customers, you’re missing out.

You’re missing out on the chance to reduce acquisition costs by 42%. You’re missing out on the opportunity to increase conversion rates by 1,100%. And you’re missing out on the chance to make a $33.82 ROI on every dollar spent.*

(*Note: These are real results achieved by actual Claritas clients.)

Now Claritas is sharing some of the secrets behind this success. In our newest Claritas report, Ten Tips for Acquisition Email Success, we share real-world experience from more than 300 client acquisition email campaigns across multiple industries – including what metrics provide a true measure of a campaign’s success.

Inside the pages of this new report, we’ll provide you with key insight on how to execute campaigns that deliver superior results, including:

  • The simple trick one retailer used to increase its conversion rate by 1,100%
  • How one auto dealer achieved email open rates 20X the industry average
  • The often-ignored best practice that can boost your campaign return by 50X
  • The simple website strategy that can help you find great prospects and reduce acquisition costs
  • The easiest way to increase the chances a prospect will read your email
  • How to avoid being flagged as a spammer
  • Average open and click rates on campaigns across multiple industries

Download your free copy of the Claritas report here: