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How non-profits can take the leap into gaming

The central message of the final podcast in the series "Gaming for Good" is 'how non-profits can make the leap into gaming'

Gaming could provide charities and other non-profits with a hugely engaged, sympathetic and potentially lucrative audience - if they can get past internal resistance based partly on a lack of affinity with the genre and partly on concerns about ethics and image.

That’s the central message of the third and final podcast in the series “Gaming for Good” from Salesforce: “How non-profits can make the leap into gaming”. It explores the experiences of three non-profits – two new to the genre and one experienced player – examining how they made the internal case to the C-suite and why linking with gamers proved so rewarding for each of them. Key marketers at each discuss how non-profits can work with two key organisations in gaming: Twitch, the streaming service where so many gamers are to be found; and Tiltify, the peer-to-peer fund-raising platform.

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For the Norwegian Refugee Council, a refugee and displaced persons organization, the leap was made easier by joining Games Without Borders first. Its desire to talk to the audience beyond just asking for money led to the creation of “Sheltercraft” within the Minecraft game itself.

For Women Win, which seeks to empower women through sports and play, the challenge was to overcome misconceptions about the genre to truly lean in to esports and how they teach kills and bring people together. It was a learning process accelerated by the pandemic forcing the non-profit to understand digital spaces better.

No Kid Hungry, whose mission is to end childhood hunger in America, is now an experienced, enthusiastic partner of the worldwide gaming community. But its first foray into this world did not go well, and taught it the importance of working with influencers who were authentic enthusiasts.

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