Uniting data and human intelligence to drive enterprise-class ABM

By Jenni Baker | journalist

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January 19, 2021 | 5 min read

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For the enterprise, the most persistent hindrance to delivering an enterprise-class customer experience in B2B has been the lack of a single source of truth for customer insights. A hallmark trait of the enterprise organization is its diversification, with inconsistent data spread across a wide range of applications. This presents a huge data management issue in itself because as the company scales, so does the collection of marketing technologies and the number of people or teams who use them. This sophisticated go-to-market approach creates a paramount need for account based marketing (ABM) to be actionable across all teams, driving the need for platform multitenancy.

Complete the form to download the free whitepaper 'Uniting data & human intelligence to drive enterprise-class ABM'

Complete the form to download the free whitepaper 'Uniting data & human intelligence to drive enterprise-class ABM'

Only when enterprise sales and marketing organizations can execute their ABM strategy in light of their reality can the magic of high performance happen. And this means delivering global adoption, integration with existing multi-channel programs, shared learning, optimized target account experience, standard measurement, and global optimization. B2B buyers no longer tolerate having to restate their needs and repeat their preferences every time they interact with your organization. The stakes of creating a compelling B2B buying experience are higher than ever — demanding contextual experiences that are personalized and demonstrate credibility.

Following a recent panel session discussing the key pitfalls to avoid in enterprise-class ABM, The Drum in partnership with MRP has taken a deeper dive into the specific challenges that enterprise B2B organizations face when it comes to balancing technology with the buyer experience in ABM. The whitepaper further explores the enabling criteria that can help cultivate powerful insights, target accurately, deliver personalization scenarios across channels, and achieve accurate program measurement for enterprise-class ABM.

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Featuring industry insights from Paul Cowan, chief marketing officer, Freshbooks; Anamika Gupta, director, head of customer marketing, Fujitsu America; Jada Balster, vice-president of marketing, Workfront; this whitepaper will share best practices on how humans and tech can work more efficiently together in building a successful enterprise-class ABM program, taking into consideration the importance of personalization at scale.

Delivering an enterprise-class buying experience

While the ever-broadening capabilities of marketing technology have proven effective, marketers are still struggling to optimize personalized engagement at scale, leading many B2B vendors to over-pivot on technology investments and less on the customer experience. Although the answer isn't simply to over-invest in a human workforce to deliver personalized interactions, technology will never replace making personal connections, and personalized engagement isn't scalable witjout a single source of truth. In the absence of this single view of each target account across platforms and teams, marketers cannot target precisely, deliver personalization across channels, or measure program results accurately.

Yet, despite buying cycles and purchase teams expanding, much of a marketer’s data and supporting platforms can take days or weeks to decipher actionable insights from it. This drives a persistent gap in personalized content, and results in longer than needed engagement cycles, solidifying the disconnect between ABM technology and B2B buyer experience paradigms.

“Enterprise organizations operate in multiple channels of communication, so their personalization strategy needs to operate across these channels, optimizing and coordinating that content between each touch point,” said Ajay Subherwal, senior vice-president of sales, EMEA/APJC at MRP. “Advanced data management is the enabling criteria to help you to reassemble a precise picture of each target account, to cultivate powerful insights, target accurately, deliver personalization scenarios across channels, and achieve accurate program measurement.”

For invaluable insights on how to unite ABM technology with the B2B buyer experience and for a full summary of the key takeaways, complete the form to download the whitepaper for free.


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