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Panasonic turn Grab cars into experimental showrooms for its products

When Grab users book a GrabCar Premium car, they will be able to see the nanoeTM X generator in action.

Panasonic has tapped Singapore-based super app Grab for an interactive campaign to promote its air purifier.

The Japanese electronic giant will turn 5,500 GrabCar Premium vehicles across four countries into mini-showrooms to showcase its nanoeTM X generator, an air purifier that it claims cleans the air and improves air circulation.

When Grab users book a GrabCar Premium car, they will be able to see the nanoeTM X generator in action, as it can be fitted into a car cup-holder.

“Our partnership with Panasonic reflects our belief that advertising is not a one-sided relationship, but one where there is a value exchange between brands and customers,” said Ken Mandel, the regional managing director for GrabAds.

“It also marks a milestone for our fast-growing GrabAds business that is increasingly becoming the advertising platform of choice for brands within and outside of our ecosystem to better connect and engage with the everyday South East Asian consumer.”

“We will continue to take a collaborative approach in working with brands and agencies to ideate and launch impactful campaigns in South East Asia.”

Why has Panasonic chosen to partner Grab?

  • Panasonic will be able to tap onto Grab’s customer insights to engage with their potential customers through the Grab app.

  • Users can learn more about the nanoeTM X technology via digital ads placed in prominent spaces within the Grab app wherever they go and during their GrabCar Premium rides.

  • Panasonic hopes that offering an offline product experiential session with online ads, interested consumers will have all the information on its technology to consider a purchase.

  • The partnership also provides additional income opportunities for Grab driver-partners who will earn a monthly product placement fee throughout the campaign period.

  • Panasonic will contribute all 5,500 air purifiers to participating drivers at no cost to them.

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