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Backing British Creativity: BBC suggests alternative phrases for its iconic initialism

BBC seizes the moment to showcase the range and breadth of its content

You may not be anywhere near the office water cooler right now, but we still want to spotlight the most talked about creative from the brands that should be on your radar. Today, we’re looking at the latest from the BBC.

One of the most recognisable acronyms in the world, the BBC has come up with some alternative definitions, bringing in the new year with ’Backing British Creativity’ – a campaign that shows off iconic moments from TV, radio and iPlayer.

Set to the classic track ’Be My Baby’ by the Ronettes, BBC Creative has artfully seamed together footage from the BBC’s archive of popular shows.

Showcasing the heartthrobs that have blessed its screen, ’Bad Boy Charm’ stands for the Hot Priest from Fleabag or for Thomas Shelby, the chiselled head of Birmingham criminal gang the Peaky Blinders.

Revisiting times the broadcaster has left you speechless, ’Barely Believable Cliffhangers’ looks to Sherlock’s ’Reichenbach Fall’ and Lyra’s hot air balloon plunge in His Dark Materials.

A good time to mention its hit Normal People, BBC could also stand for ’Bringing Back Chains’ – a nod to Connell Waldron’s chain, which has its own Instagram account with 178,000 followers.

Without lowering the tone and referring back to Urban Dictionary entries, ’Backing British Creativity’ uses the BBC’s famous acronym to cover the breadth of content that makes people return to the BBC time and time again. ’Whatever you’re into, there’s a BBC for all of us,’ it assures the viewer.

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