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2020 round-up – So You Want My Job?: how to bag the coolest roles in advertising


By Rebecca Stewart | Trends Editor

December 29, 2020 | 5 min read

As we get ready to shake the dust off 2020, The Drum is rounding up some of the key stories, interviews and work that have shaped the year. Today, we collate the entries from our So You Want My Job? series for your reading pleasure.

2020 round-up: So You Want My Job - how to bag the coolest roles in advertising

Scroll down to find out how advertising’s coolest cohort bagged their jobs

Earlier this year we launched a new editorial series, So You Want My Job? It’s a simple premise – each week we ask the people working in some of the industry’s coolest jobs about how they got where they are.

Along the way, we dig into their philosophies, inspirations, processes and experiences. In just a few short months, we’ve picked the brains of some extremely interesting people, from the man who writes Alan Partridge’s emails to music maestros and creative CEOs.

We know a new year is an optimal time to start looking for a new role, so maybe our interviewees can help inspire you to pursue (or create) a job that’s just as exciting.

Scroll down below to find out how they bagged their jobs.

James Cross explains how to become a BBC creative director

James Cross

James Cross, a creative director at BBC Creative, was our first interviewee. The Drum previously spoke with Cross in May 2020 about his work on 2019’s unmissable Alan Partridge all-staff email. But having only just scratched the surface, we returned to the conversation to find out a bit more about his career so far.

Rania Robinson on whipping up a Quiet Storm


Rania Robinson, chief executive and partner of ad agency Quiet Storm told us how she always wanted to be a hairdresser. Those dreams were shot down quickly though. She took an unconventional path through the industry, starting out as a secretary at a music publishing company. And, the rest is history.

Creative director Casey McGrath on mixing whiskey with Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

Night After Night’s chief creative officer, Casey McGrath, might actually have the coolest job in advertising. As well as working with brands like Jameson Irish Whiskey, he is the creative director of rock band Kings of Leon.

Tanya Brookfield on how she became Elvis’s chief exec


Tanya Brookfield, chief executive officer at creative agency Elvis, discusses her dreams of being a fashion designer and how she applies the same thinking to her role now.

How Colin Gottlieb was named LadBible’s chief growth officer


Hear from Colin Gottlieb, the former Omnicom media boss who is now tasked with ‘putting Lad on the moon’ as social publisher LadBible’s chief growth officer.

MassiveMusic’s Aifric Lennon on becoming a ‘music and mind researcher’


Aifric Lennon is a senior project manager and, get this, a ’music and mind researcher’ at MassiveMusic, one of the leading creative music agencies in the world. She explores the social and psychological impact of music and, in particular, how it can increase wellbeing and trigger memories – an important tool in any advertiser’s bag.

Rod Sobral talks taking up the mantle of global chief creative officer at Oliver

Oliver group

Rod Sobral, global chief creative officer of Oliver, talks us through his journey, from dreaming about being a binman in the Brazilian countryside to working with brands like the Guardian and Unilever on their in-housing efforts.

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Marketing 2020 Round-up News

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