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Father Critmas returns to inspire junior creatives with feedback from industry leaders

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and it’s been especially difficult for junior creatives trying to break into the industry.

That’s why Father Critmas is back for the fifth year in a row, bringing his Merry Critmas initiative to young creatives all over the world.

The initiative, which has been running since 2016, matches young creatives with creative directors from some of the world’s most prominent agencies, and this year, will set them up with invaluable Zoom critiques on their work.

The scheme has created thousands of matches since its inception and is set to keep getting bigger.

This year, the ‘Witness the Critness’ campaign partners with Adland, Cut The Crap, One Minute Briefs, Creative Allies, Nabs and The Drum, in a collaborative effort that has seen founder of the Bank of Creativity, One Minute Briefs & co-founder of Merry Critmas, Nick Entwistle write, direct and produce the film in just one week.

The work was filmed in Stockport at Sozo Gym by videographer Luke Nield and edited by Ben Rustage. Meanwhile, David Felton, co-founder of the campaign, has been busy behind the scenes setting the framework for all the matches and updated the website and socials alongside Breanne Lawrence, with assets illustrated by Shaun Maclennan.

Speaking on the campaign, Entwistle says: “We want to create these opportunities so that senior creatives can give back to the industry and junior creatives can receive the gift of invaluable advice, placement opportunities, and tips to improve their portfolios.

“I hope that creative directors and senior creatives will join me in signing up to give the gift of their time to a young creative who needs it. Their advice, contacts, and critique will be invaluable to help people progress in their careers, particularly when it’s harder than ever to get their foot in the door due to current circumstances.”

Tiger Savage, a creative director renowned for many hard-hitting and award-winning ad campaigns, has also thrown her weight behind the campaign – featuring in the film and signing up to give her time for several book crits to share her expertise and experience.

She says: “I‘m involved with the amazing OMB unique, supportive and diverse community because I believe in Nick’s vision in giving everyone the chance to come up with a cut through creative in a world of often soulless clutter.

“If I can help advise young creatives on not just their ideas, but singularity of purpose, art direction, copy, content etc but how to stand out as creatives and make them feel more confident then it will in turn make this Tiger a very happy Mrs Claus.”

The initiative’s 2020 launch is supported by a OMB creative challenge, in keeping with the theme of this year’s campaign, where they are looking for quickfire names and posters for a make-believe ‘Creative Gym’ – complete with prizes to be won. Find out more @oneminutebriefs.

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