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Learn how to seize the experience advantage at The Drum and VMLY&R’s dedicated CX festival

By Jenni Baker | journalist

December 4, 2020 | 6 min read

UX and CX are two of the biggest buzzwords in marketing – but do brands really know what they mean? Most marketers today believe their brands are meeting customer expectations but only 10% of consumers agree. So how do we close that gap?

Register to attend the free virtual conference 'The Experience Advantage: Creating Human-Centred Brands’ in partnership with VMLY&R

Register to attend the free virtual festival 'The Experience Advantage:Creating Human-Centred Brands’ in partnership with VMLY&R

Hosted by VMLY&R and The Drum, ‘The Experience Advantage: Creating Human-Centred Brands’ is a new half-day festival taking place on Tuesday 15 December. Designed for today’s customer-centric world, it aims to help brands understand the changing customer journey and how adopting the right CX mindset can help remove the disconnect between brand objectives and customer expectations, stay ahead of business challenges, and thrive in 2021 and beyond.

“Whenever technology and business trends accelerate, the human element becomes that much more critical,” said Jeff Geheb, Global Chief Experience Officer at VMLY&R. “Customer experience in its strongest form starts with a simple question: what are we empowering people to do that they couldn’t do before?”

The conference will bring together leading marketers, prominent industry partners and agency thought leaders from VMLY&R, BP, Geometry, The Co-Operative Bank and Goldsmiths, University of London to discuss key issues that will impact and drive business forward. Dedicated sessions will examine the experience ecosystem, cognitive diversity, empathetic creativity, experience design, emotional intelligence, and more.

Find out more and sign up to attend ‘The Experience Advantage: Creating Human-Centred Brands’ on Tuesday 15 December at 9am-12pm ET / 2pm-5pm GMT here.

What will you learn about CX?

The Drum’s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Gordon Young, will introduce the virtual conference, followed by an opening keynote presentation from VMLY&R’s chief experience officers, Jeff Geheb (global) and Karen Boswell (EMEA). Directly after will be three sessions which delve into a range of topics all focused on the future of CX.

9am EST / 2pm GMT

Opening Keynote: The Forces That Shape Our Future

While Amazon aims to fill 20,000 open tech roles, many retail stores are shutting their doors for good across the globe. Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, we’re facing an exponentially sharpened upward curve of digital transformation, evolving customer needs, and shifting technologies that both isolate and connect us. How did we get here? And where are we headed next? This keynote presentation will explore how brands can navigate the unpredictable to help power a better version of humanity and our future.

9.30am EST / 2.30pm GMT

Session One: The Journey Design Advantage

Behind every atom of design, piece of technology and data point is a human action or insight. When we obsess over the human, and not just a slice of data, we can focus on serving real people - not algorithms. This session will explore the modern experience ecosystem and the human journeys at its centre.

10am EST / 3pm GMT

Session Two: The Inclusion Experience: Moving at the Speed of Trust

The events of 2020 sparked an awakening and citizens’ eyes are open wider than ever before to the disparities that persist from structural racism, institutional bias, identity discrimination and socio-economic inequity. There is no doubt that diverse boardrooms, skillsets and capabilities reflective of our audiences will, in turn, outwardly impact when and how a brand shows up and a business performs. This session will bring in leading experts to set a new, inclusive agenda for experience design and cognitive diversity, reflective of consumers’ growing, shifting and ever demanding pace of life.

11am EST / 4pm GMT

Session Three: Three Things You Can’t Afford to Get Wrong in 2021

This session offers a rapid round of essential commerce requirements to get your brand fighting fit in a new touchless, digital world of sentient commerce, including: instant commerce gratification to meet shoppers requirements and sky high expectations; emotional intelligence to be aware of, allow for, encompass and create space for emotions inside and outside of an organisation; and business model innovation rooted in the voice of the customer to change the way brands shape, serve and sell with morale and purpose.

11.30am EST / 4.30pm GMT

Last Remarks

A round-up of the future of CX.

‘The Experience Advantage: Creating Human-Centred Brands’ takes place on Tuesday 15th December. Sign up to attend.

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