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Creative Works: the funniest Christmas ads of 2020 including Tesco, Lidl and Lego

Three's Christmas campaign

Welcome to The Drum’s Creative Works, in partnership with Adobe Stock, dedicated to showing the best creative work from around the globe.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, but this year is set to be a little different. After a testing time for many around the world, a heavenly host of brands are seeking to add a little festive cheer to their 2020 offerings.

With ads from the likes of Tesco, Lidl and Lego, scroll down to see a selection of this year’s Christmas ads that are likely to make you ‘ho, ho ho.’

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Tesco: ‘No Naughty List’

As a brand, Tesco has always aimed to reflect the mood of the country in its advertising. That angle has never been more prescient than at the current moment, with Brits in dire spirits under varying degrees of lockdown and an especially strange Christmas on the horizon.

Developed by agency BBH, the ad absolves customers of anything that might have landed them a place on the ‘naughty list’ this year – from bad video call etiquette to buying too much loo roll – and instead encourages them to indulge as much as they want this Christmas.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

Deliveroo: ‘Christmas is On!’

This year marked Deliveroo's first foray into Christmas advertising, with a major campaign, ‘Christmas is On!’

The spot features a rendition of the classic festive jingle, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, through a collection of bells, bongs, clangs, tolls, strikes and beeps create the melody of the well known Christmas carol, in an ode to festive deliveries.

The campaign also celebrates the festive grocery favourites available for delivery on-demand in as little as 20 minutes from mince pies to prosecco, from the likes of Co-op, Waitrose, Aldi and Morrisons.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

American Egg Board: ‘The Gift of Eggs’

The American Egg Board’s new campaign, ’The Gift of Eggs,’ pokes fun at holiday extravagances in order to celebrate what really matters during the season — family, friends, special memories together and food.

The campaign’s two short films upend trite holiday gifting advertising, like the perennial car with a big bow in the driveway, by adding a comic twist to remind consumers that just a dozen eggs can open the door to incredible possibilities.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

Pizza Hut: ‘The 55 days of Christmas Pizza’

To help us kick off the festive season, Pizza Hut has announced the arrival of its first-ever festive pizza. The Christmas Pizza, complete with sage and onion stuffing, rotisserie chicken, bacon and a red wine gravy.

And to celebrate the launch, Iris and Pizza Hut created an online campaign called ‘The 55 Days of Christmas Pizza’. Starring Pizza Hut’s now renowned spokesperson Parker J Patterson, the spot takes us through a Dickensian Christmas carol, convincingly playing the role of every singer in the chorus.

Overall Rating
5/5 Vote

Three: ‘Your Phone's Seen A Lot This Year’

Three’s holiday campaign, directed by award-winning director, Simon Ratigan, shows 2020 through the eyes of our phones – from heartfelt kisses on video calls to working from home and virtual quizzes, all voiced by a choir that sings what unrelenting hard work it is to be a phone.

In the end, the lead drops her trusty phone, just in time to get a deal on a shiny new one from Three.

Overall Rating
3/5 Vote

Walkers: ‘A Sausage CaRoll’

Instead of using TV for their annual festive campaign, Walkers is unveiling a ‘social-first’ Christmas ad. The humorous new campaign sees influencer and sausage roll hero LadBaby plus some special guests going door-to-door to tell everyone about the power of sausage rolls. It features celebrity cameos from the likes of Aled Jones, East 17’s Tony Mortimer and Gary Lineker.

To support the launch, Walkers partnered with Elvis to create ‘A Sausage CaRoll’, a campaign aiming to make the brand unmissable in the run-up to the festive period and get people buying ‘The Power of Sausage Roll’ festive crisps to help raise money for the Trussell Trust.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

TK Maxx: ‘Lil’ Goat’

TK Maxx's 2020 Christmas campaign, acknowledges the year we’ve had by shining a spotlight on the tender and joyful act of making everyone feel special this Christmas.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy London and directed by Matthijs van Heijningen, the spot follows ’Lil’ Goat’ strutting across the snowy landscape to the beat, decked from head-to-toe in an enviably stylish designer outfit.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

Lego: ‘And I Think to Myself...’

This year's holiday campaign from the Lego Group celebrates the magic of the everyday as experienced by children through Lego play. The campaign showcases families coming together and experiencing the joyful, humorous adventures that children create and explore as they build, unbuild and rebuild with Lego products.

The playful storyline is set to a bespoke reimagining of ‘What a Wonderful World’ remastered to celebrate the optimistic outlook of children. The instrumental was recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

Plenty: ‘Xmess’

Plenty, the leading household towel brand, is embracing mess this year with a campaign that bucks the conventions of festive advertising and gives us a story of Christmas love as it really is, mess and all.

All the ingredients of a conventional Christmas ad seem to be there: decorations are up, relatives are gathered, wearing festive jumpers, cooking and cheersing together, but the reality is, Christmas with our loved ones is ‘always a mess. But it’s our mess. And there’s no place we’d rather be.

As the featured track ‘Love Hurts’ suggests, it can test our love to the limit. But the rest of the campaign affirms: ‘Love is stronger than spilled gravy and baby vomit. And so is Plenty.’

Overall Rating
5/5 Vote

Lidl: ‘A Christmas You Can Believe In’

Building on the success of Lidl’s Christmas campaign last year, this year’s advert uses an amusing parody in an animated world to support the same sentiment.

The ad nods to the unbelievable and unrealistic nature of Christmas ads whilst interrupting these Christmas advertising tropes, and side-stepping them for great Lidl products, at great prices.

The ad continues in this theme by making playful references to ‘emotional gravy’ and moments designed to make viewers sad.

Overall Rating
5/5 Vote ‘Christmas is this Very Moment’'s Christmas campaign encourages us to embrace every single moment in the countdown to December 25 instead of focusing on the clichéd portrayal of Christmas day.

The charmingly honest film sends the message that the best thing about Christmas is not just Christmas day but the combination of all the wonderfully festive moments in the build up to Christmas, from Christmas lights and the all-important tree to Christmas jammies.

Overall Rating
4/5 Vote

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