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Forecaster triumphs in head-to-head against existing technology

Forecaster triumphs in head-to-head against existing technology

Forecaster, Summit’s marketing intelligence platform, has triumphed in head-to-head comparison against incumbent rivals, driving 6% more revenue from 12% less ad spend versus La Redoute’s existing technology.

Summit started working with La Redoute in March 2020, putting Forecaster to the test against its existing marketing intelligence platform. The result? Over the trial period, Forecaster generated 6% more revenue from 12% less ad spend against the existing technology. As a first of its kind for Forecaster, this head-to-head trial not only exceeded expectations for La Redoute but has cemented Forecaster’s position as one of the leading marketing intelligence platforms in driving ROI for retailers.

What is Forecaster?

Forecaster is Summit’s proprietary marketing intelligence platform for performance marketing, built to support large multi-category retailers and further adapted to meet our other client’s needs. Forecaster recommends a budget and predicts where and when retailers should spend it to achieve the greatest return on investment and profit. It plans retailers spend across performance marketing channels, executing and optimising campaigns to achieve their profit target. Forecaster is continually learning, and it adapts its algorithm from the historical data that goes through the tool, ensuring recommendations are adjusted to always achieve the best results.

The head-to-head results

Overall Forecaster drove 6% more revenue at 12% less cost during the test period, accurately spending within 3% of the targets provided by the client.

The test was split into two categories. Home achieved 9% more revenue from 12% less cost at a stronger COS% and clothing spent 13% less at a stronger COS% to achieve comparable revenue volumes.

The head-to-head results showcase Forecaster’s award-winning capabilities and ability to drive strong performance, and this has seen La Redoute implement Forecaster across its performance marketing channels. We improved efficiencies, saved budget and drove maximum return on investment versus the existing technology, ultimately helping La Redoute further develop their performance marketing proposition by becoming more efficient at driving revenue and saving cost. Read more about what we did for La Redoute here.

“We put Forecaster against our existing provider in a head-to-head trial and it won comprehensively, proving that it can deliver more revenue at a better cost, manage our budgets more accurately and provide a simpler interface for the team to use,” said Paul Carmichael, digital marketing director at La Redoute.

If you are an online retailer serious about making more profit from your performance marketing, choose Forecaster. You can choose to run Forecaster yourself or with the support of Summit’s team of marketing experts.

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