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Great Eastern taps disabled creatives to produce ad on living with disabilities

You may not be anywhere near the office water cooler right now, but we still want to spotlight the most talked about creative from the brands that should be on your radar. Today, we are talking about Great Eastern's #Lifeproof campaign.

Disability is the latest topic that Singapore-based insurer Great Eastern wants to address in a series of films for its #Lifeproof campaign.

Featuring four creatives in the field of music and film, the insurer wants to drive the message that “our disabilities don’t define us, our dreams do” to its customers. It also urges people to think long-term when planning for critical illnesses.

The campaign, created by BLKJ, saw the agency tap the four creatives to get involved in the production as a director, set designer, violinist and visual artist.

Filling the role of director is Melvin, a person with quadriplegia, who fractured his spinal cord in an accident a year ago. Forced to quit his job as cameraman and musician, he started helping migrant workers by designing and selling t-shirts.

Zoe Zora, who has paraplegia, took on the role of set designer and she firmly believes that those with disabilities are not “lesser” than those without, and that people with disabilities can also lead fulfilling lives.

“In mainstream media, you only see able-bodied people acting like disabled people. The fact that Great Eastern gave us a real chance to highlight our capabilities, work on a real music video and let us execute our vision, I believe it sends a very powerful message and not the usual depressing narrative associated with persons with disabilities. This is the first time I felt like my disability won’t stop me from achieving my dream”, said Zora.

The violinist is Sophie Soon, who holds a grade 8 in violin, and was declared legally blind 11 years ago. However, that has not stopped her from representing Singapore in swimming in major Paralympics events around South East Asia.

The visual artist is David Aitabir, a recovered paraplegic, who is a tattoo artist and created the phoenix in the video. He was able to walk again after undergoing an operation to remove a growth and said he is fighting on for his kids.

“I hope that this project helps us embrace and discuss disability more openly and is a gentle reminder that people can plan ahead so as to lifeproof their dreams ahead of unforeseen challenging circumstances," said Colin Chan, the managing director of group marketing at Great Eastern.

“We are committed as the Life Company to help our customers to take proactive action to be ready for life’s uncertainties, including disability and illness. Working with the Crew to share their dreams through our films has shown how the human spirit can rise above unforeseen life-changing situations and that is how they too Live #lifeproof.”

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