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Staying positive during a pandemic: Singtel’s Deepavali ad shines the way forward

You may not be anywhere near the office water cooler right now, but we still want to spotlight the most talked about creative from the brands that should be on your radar. Today, we look at how Singapore-based telco Singtel is celebrating the upcoming Deepavali, also known as the festival of lights.

“Working from home, we have seven of us living together. A lot of tension built up during that period of time,” a Singtel staffer tells the audience, in Singtel’s ‘There is light‘ film. The spot celebrates the Deepavali spirit of positivity and hope prevailing over the trials and tribulations brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The scene will be familiar to many after months of lockdowns around the world. The ad traces the journeys of two Singtel workers; networks associate engineer Ganesan and planning and strategy manager Sujatha, as they recount some of the challenges they have faced due to Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns and restrictions.

They also share their love for Deepavali and express their determination to, in the words of Sujatha, “always look for the good in any bad situation”.

After taking comfort in the rituals and traditions of Deepavali, such as decorating the house and making classic Hindu snacks, the ad captures their sense of gratitude and joy is captured in scenes of celebration and light.

“There’s no denying the shadow that the pandemic has cast these past months. But as Covid-19 measures ease on the back of fewer infections, there’s a growing sense that some semblance of normalcy is returning. Deepavali resonates in new ways against this backdrop – that better things are on the way,” said Lian Pek, the vice president of group strategic communications and brand at Singtel.

“This spirit of hope is relevant not just to our Hindu colleagues and friends but all Singaporeans who look forward to better days and believe we’ll emerge stronger from this crisis.”

Created in-house by Singtel’s brand team and produced in collaboration with Akanga Film Asia, ‘There is light’ is Singtel’s way of encouraging Singaporeans to stay positive in the current climate.