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Omnichannel marketing doesn’t need to be ominous

How to get the right product information, to the right people at the right time

How are companies managing their product information in the omnichannel age? What challenges are they facing? And why is product information management so important anyway? To answer these questions, the team behind product information management tool, Akeneo recently surveyed 1,600 professionals involved in B2B commerce across the consumer goods, food and drink, retail, construction, manufacturing, automotive and health care industries.

Akeneo and The Drum are collaborating to host a webinar – ‘Omnichannel need not be ominous’ - revealing the survey results and exploring case studies of brands that have successfully centralized product information across multiple channels. The Drum’s editor-in-chief Gordon Young will be joined by Kristin Naragon, VP strategy & growth, Akeneo, and Peter Sheldon, senior director commerce strategy at Adobe.

Young said: “Managing product information across multiple channels, such as in-store, product catalogues, ecommerce sites and apps, is challenging for many brands, particularly those with large or complex product lines. Different people managing different channels leads to replication of effort and a fragmented, frustrating experience for customers.

“This webinar, in partnership with Akeneo, will explore strategies for acquiring a consistent presence across multiple platforms, and will also feature in-depth research outlining why it makes a significant impact on the bottom line. The session will provide insights into businesses that have been transformed simply by being able to efficiently trade all their products across all their channels in a consistent and efficient way.”

Akeneo’s Naragon added: “Product marketers often have to deal with numerous complex spreadsheets without versioning or collaborative features, slowly drowning in an Excel hell. Typically, this means different teams in different places doing the same work at the same time. If a brand retailer wants to add new products, open up a new market or add new channels, a centralized product experience system is vital to help accelerate those growth opportunities.”

Adobe’s Peter Sheldon will also be on hand to discuss how Adobe’s ecommerce platform and Akeneo can be used in harmony to support and promote the brand story alongside accurate and consistent product data.

He said: “Adobe and Akeneo are complimentary solutions, with several large organisations currently leveraging the power of both platforms to great success. Adobe’s mission in terms of supporting the brand story and brand ethics feeds directly into the product selection and product information that Akeneo helps to centralise and support. The brand story becomes infused into the product story in multidirectional way, making sure the brand represents the products and the products really represent the brand.”

The webinar – ‘Omnichannel need not be ominous: how to get the right product information to the right people at the right time’ – takes on Thursday, October 15th at 2pm EST. Click here to pre-register your attendance.

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