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New Northwell Health campaign features Steve Buscemi reading love letter to New York

StrawberryFrog is behind reassuring new Northwell Health campaign featuring Steve Buscemi.

Northwell Health released a new campaign this week to remind New Yorkers that the state’s largest health care provider and private employer is ready for any obstacles that lie ahead in the coming months.

The new campaign, created by StawberryFrog New York, is narrated by Steve Buscemi, the New York-based actor, director, writer, producer and former FDNY firefighter. Affectionately titled ’Dear New York’, the campaign hinges on the insight that New Yorkers might be concerned about a new wave of the coronavirus disease as summer turns into fall and winter.

However, Northwell Health’s message guarantee that it will remain the steady leader that cares for them no matter what.

“Our message is about the leadership of Northwell, its collective strength, its preparation for anything that lies ahead, and its personal touch as the health provider that loves the members of its community,” said Dan Langlitz, StrawberryFrog's business lead.

Dear New York is an integrated campaign that will be aired on TV, online, radio, print and out of home advertising. Northwell’s media planning and buying is managed by Horizon Media.

“We want to continue to deliver powerful creative storytelling to ensure New Yorkers understand that we are here, and ready for what lies ahead of us,” said Ramon Soto, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at Northwell.

“Our partnership with StrawberryFrog continues to lead to culturally relevant strategy and distinct creative voices. Leadership and preparedness are important attributes in the situation we continue to face. The pandemic has been tough on a lot of people in our communities. We need to continue to provide inspiring messages, and reassure New Yorkers that we will keep them safe as we enter the fall and winter months.”

Scott Goodson, StrawberryFrog's chief executive officer said: “No matter where we grew up, Northwell Health is around the corner and close to us. We didn’t have to look very far in coming up with this love letter to New York to deliver a powerful and warming message of reassurance as summer turns to fall; and as kids head back to school. That’s why we end the campaign with ‘Love, Northwell.’ Our collaboration with the leadership of Northwell continues to bring fresh ideas and important uplifting messages to New Yorkers.”

StrawberryFrog business lead Dan Langlitz added: “To bring ‘Dear New York’ to life, we put together a campaign featuring the familiar street art styles that have popped up across our region over the last few months. They make a powerful statement about the solidarity of our communities on key issues that Northwell helps address, like social justice.

“We use the art to paint the love letter to New York as the story unfolds. Having Steve Buscemi provide the voice is just incredible, and we’re grateful for that. The spot was filmed on Long Island, parts of New York City, and the suburbs. Director Kristian Mercado and his team brought the story to life with the art in a way that enhanced our original idea quite a bit. The art itself is all original and was custom made by talented street artists.”

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