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Waze on how location-based OOH ads could revitalize in-store retail sales

By Thomas Hobbs, Journalist

September 8, 2020 | 5 min read

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With coronavirus driving the rise of the staycation and fears around using public transport, more and more Brits are taking to the roads in pursuit of some downtime. And consumers are looking for brands to simplify these experiences by providing information on useful retail stores they might be passing by or offers in the local area that could provide some joy amid one of the most difficult periods in recent social history.

webinar Waze and The Drum

The webinar will explore how brands can catch consumers on the go to drive them to brick-and-mortar locations

A new webinar from pioneering traffic app Waze and The Drum will explore this shifting retail landscape in greater detail, looking into the reasons why so many brand marketers are currently failing to reach consumers while they’re out driving and not properly helping them towards brick-and-mortar locations. It will offer solutions on how brands can utilise Waze’s Ads solutions on the app’s map system to catch consumers on the go and target them in a way that is helpful and timely.

Register for the webinar here.

Waze works with brands to reach consumers with location-based ads during the imperative “last mile” of their journey. It offers location-based mobile marketing, which is able to target consumers in real-time with offers and information that will enrich their journey. Where Waze is unique is that it delivers these contextual moments, natively and seamlessly within the app.

In the webinar, Waze will explore how its platform can be harnessed to amplify traditional in-drive media to drive in-store footfall, analysing how brands such as Burger King, Intermarché, Kwik Fit and Toyota successfully used its platform to reach customers in the past.

It will also look at how digital OOH messaging is providing a real-time option for brands to connect with consumers and why it is rightly becoming a bigger part of marketing budgets for brands across the world. One way Waze is pioneering with digital OOH is by working with radio broadcasters to synchronise their media with Waze so that the ads people hear while driving have visual support and offer an opportunity for engagement becoming relevant to where they are in the world. Therefore, this means the company is well placed to inspire marketers on how to think outside of the box to use location-based marketing that truly cuts through.

“Location-based marketing is so important yet often overlooked,” says Nigel Fung, Waze UK Sales Lead. “It provides an opportunity to connect with consumers at a crucial moment and encourage them into your store. We’ve worked with brands to make this a priority and watched their businesses go from strength-to-strength, and we’re looking forward to sharing those lessons.”

According to new research from Waze and Forrester, more than eight out of 10 marketers have earmarked increasing visits to brick-and-mortar locations as a “critical” or “high-priority” over the next 12 months. Yet despite this clear need, three quarters of marketers currently struggle to connect with audiences at the crucial moments that could help to fulfill this aim.

The research from Waze clearly shows that retailers who have already adopted digital OOH have seen success; 77% of retail marketers expect or have already seen increased sales volume in stores due to investing in digital out-of-home. “It’s clear that digital OOH works to drive footfall,” adds Fung. “With this webinar, we will explore case studies of brands that have done this successfully and show how location-based marketing can upend a reliance on traditional marketing channels.”

The webinar will also look at how brands can contextually synchronize mobile-based marketing with radio and OOH, and why the rise of destination marketing could give your business a sales boost if tapped into correctly. Catching consumers on the go is a unique opportunity to speak to target consumers at an active moment in their lives, and Waze can amplify traditional in-drive media to transform a brand’s marketing efficiencies.

The rise of digital OOH also makes this webinar a must-listen. According to the same Waze and Forrester research, more than one in five CPG marketers are already investing in digital OOH, with another 44% stating that they are likely to consider investing in it within the next two years. Digital OOH is also one of the top three growing marketing channels, topped only by paid search (4.1% weighted average) and online video (3.9% weighted average).

Fung concludes: “This new webinar with The Drum is all about teaching marketers and brands how to utilise location-based marketing and digital OOH in order to get their messaging in front of consumers at a highly relevant moment, and driving traffic to their stores in a way that’s timely and helpful.

Put 17 September in your diary and sign up to this webinar here.

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