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TikTok's Chew Wee Ng & PubMatic's Jason Barnes on the growth of mobile in-app

TikTok's Chew Wee Ng & PubMatic's Jason Barnes on the growth of mobile in-app

The Drum and PubMatic have launched a special three-part podcast that aims to delve into the future of one of digital advertising’s most important topics, PubCast: the future of programmatic.

Episode three looks into a major talking point for 2020, mobile in-app. The episode looks at how by getting the user and ad experience right, apps can become scaled around the world almost overnight, like our guest speaker TikTok.

In this episode, Chew Wee Ng, head of business marketing, South East Asia at TikTok, shares stories about the meteoric rise of the app and why advertising is so key to its future development.

During each episode, PubMatic chief revenue officer, APAC, Jason Barnes will give a need-to-know account of the topic.

Barnes says mobile is seeing huge growth and has been boosted by behaviour change during the pandemic, making certain apps really important to people’s lives.

“What is driving this, I think it's very much the mobilization of businesses, all these great new apps that are arriving. That combined with a really aggressive data plan. So it's cheap to watch the content and the better coverage that the telcos are providing means that the consumers have moved very heavily into mobile and in-app. As we know where the consumers move, that is where the advertisers go as well,” he says.

Likewise, Ng says advertising has always been so intrinsic to the TikTok experience that users actually welcome brands.

“Brands have always been a key part of the TikTok community. I would say it is perhaps the only platform that you can see right now where users actually expect to see brands and want to see a brand while they consume content, she explains.

To hear the full episode and to subscribe to the entire series, find PubCast: the future of programmatic on Apple, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

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