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August 12, 2020 | 5 min read

Snag Tights was named Diversity & Inclusion Company of The Year at The Drum Marketing Awards 2020. Here its team share the story of their success.

The challenge

Finding a good pair of tights is the UK’s biggest fashion dilemma. They dig in. They fall down. They tear. They sag around the knees. They develop holes in the toes. And, shockingly, our research has shown that nine out of ten British women say they can’t find a pair that fit. No wonder, when traditional tights vary only by height and not by width.

For decades, this ‘one-size-fitsnone’ approach has excluded millions from wearing tights because they are too tall, too curvy, or too small. Inspired by our founder Brie’s own struggles to find tights that actually fit, we set up Snag Tights in March 2018 and vowed to make the nation – whatever shape or size – feel good about wearing tights.

At Snag, we believe our bodies aren’t wrong – the fashion industry is.

The strategy

It was clear to us that the fashion industry was broken, and we knew then that a brand that championed and catered to all types of bodies had the potential to make an incredible impact. Beginning by developing a product that would make every customer feel confident, represented and accepted by the fashion industry, we always wanted the brand to be truly authentic, representative and inclusive of everyone who wants to wear tights – regardless of their shape, size, ability or gender. So, we built our business around the idea that everyone deserves clothes that fit, clothes that make them feel confident and like anything is possible.

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Snag Tights

The campaign

Using a mixture of paid-for campaigns, customer-generated content, and influencer collaborations, we have injected some colour and personality back into tights – and gained thousands of loyal of customers in the process.

To truly champion our beautiful and diverse customers, we had to make them the heart (and face) of our social community. We invited our customers to star in our advertising. Every image you see of Snag Tights, from our websites and our social channels, to our TV ad campaign, is on a real customer - with their testimonials and views often forming the basis of copy as well.

Our unique sizing matrix – by height, dress size and body shape – has not only helped thousands of people to wear tights with total comfort, without compromising on style, but has also converted into some impressive sales figures.

The results

To date, our approach has led to more than 1,500,000 pairs of tights sold to 350,000 unique customers in the past 22 months. We’ve grown our social channels from 0 to 140,000 (FB) and 66,000 (IG) followers. The increased engagement delivered by our truly customer-focused marketing strategy, with social media engagement up by 430% as a result, has supported our international growth – with a projected run-rate of £24 million for 2020.

And our customers are happy. Over 70% come back to make a second purchase, and over 50% have bought three or more times. It’s not big and it’s not flashy but our simple creative idea allows women that have been excluded from mainstream fashion for years to take centre stage and finally see themselves represented in the industry.

“As a disabled woman who needs clumsy hubby to help put them on, I had given up on tights. Snag are fun colours great quality and sedate if needed. They last for wear after wear, despite my legs rubbing against my chair all day, they don’t tear and don’t change size after washing. They let me be a bit flamboyant when I want to be, brighten up a dull day and get compliments every time I wear them. Thank you Snag!”- Astrid

“Your use of plus size models is what drew me to your company to begin with. Every single person you use is absolutely perfect just as they are, and I am so thankful that you use real life models instead of what society tries to shove down our throats.” – Carly

“I actually love that you have a range of people modelling. The first time I saw someone represent my body type, the big overhang tummy, round shape, was really emotional.” – Alice

This project was a winner at The Drum Marketing Awards Europe 2020. To find out which Drum Awards are currently open for entry, click here.

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