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Here’s how you unlock your full business potential: lead with design, end with results

By Emma Mulcahy, Writer

August 12, 2020 | 5 min read

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The report offers insight into the changing field of design, as well as guidance on how you can improve business performance

In the current situation caused by the pandemic, we are seeing a huge acceleration in the adoption of new systems. All industries are in flux and the speed at which priorities can shift comes as no surprise to anyone. Once seen as an added bonus, businesses are now opening their eyes to the true value of design and understanding that making significant investment in the right tools and talent, can make a real difference to performance.

According to the bestselling author and marketing visionary, Seth Godin, “Design is about function. Everything we do has a job, and if it's designed properly, the job will get done well.” Considering the move in recent years to businesses growing their design teams and finessing their systems, perhaps Godin is not alone in this belief. Those that have made the necessary changes have reaped the rewards of their investment; all have seen substantial business growth and it is being noted at their bottom lines. This has been shown through the research of Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Adobe in 2019 to evaluate design systems and review 385 design professionals across six countries.

Despite this progress, the review by Forrester Consulting has revealed there is still a lot needed to be achieved before designers feel substantially supported in their roles. The rising demand for designers, coupled with an increased workload and higher expectations has left many designers feeling overwhelmed.

Providing in-depth responses and statistics that shine light on the experience of designers, this whitepaper from Adobe and Forrester Consulting is essential reading for any business looking to unlock the full business potential of design. It serves as a much-needed guide to understanding the struggles designers are facing in this landscape, as well as practical objectives and takeaways for your business strategy.

Following are a few of the key learnings from this whitepaper.

The prioritisation of design

We have seen huge advancements in the design industry in recent years, with remarkable investment in developing new and exciting tools that both improve and increase creative output. It is due to these technological advances that design has been completely reprioritized for businesses; design is now factoring into and even influencing marketing strategy. In a competitive marketplace, making sure your brand stands out and that your services are as streamlined and as adaptive is crucial to ensuring consumer loyalty.

The creation of better opportunities

Of the companies surveyed, 72% of those in the “leaders” category have dedicated design teams for their design systems, demonstrating apt utilization of tools and talent to create better and more consistent output. Unsurprisingly, these design teams are the most robust and boast more advanced roles for designers, giving them the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in teams and disciplines other than their own.

Design makes good business sense

Making the right investment in your design talent and systems is a sure-fire way to boost your bottom line. Of the companies surveyed, those that had leading teams in design showed as much as 17% higher ROI compared to their peers that had not invested. The increase in attention paid and the accessibility of tools to create seamless design and high-quality products has had massive impact on these companies’ success. They rank higher than their peers for customer satisfaction, a more consistent customer experience and in their ability to get products to market faster.

Produced by Adobe in collaboration with Forrester Consulting, this whitepaper provides significant insight into the changing field of design, as well as guidance on how you can improve your business performance. Fill in the form above to download the whitepaper and learn more.

Creative Whitepapers Adobe

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