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The best responses to Outvertising and One Minute Briefs' inclusive advertising challenge

'Advertising needs to get out more' One Minute Brief by Fran Payne

The advertising industry stands accused of capitalising on events such as Pride while making few long-term commitments to change. So, to push it to strive for diversity and inclusion all year round, not-for-profit advocacy group Outvertising teamed with One Minute Briefs for a creative brief encouraging positive messaging around LGBTQ+ inclusion.

The brief called for posters reminding the creative industry to be more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community and driving reappraisal of unconscious biases against LGBTQ+ inclusion in campaigns.

Outvertising wants the industry to realise its choices have societal impact and that it can make a difference creatively – and that this creativity can, in turn, have a positive effect on their businesses.

Below, we take a look at some of our favourite responses to the brief.

‘Advertising needs to get out more’ by @FranPayne

‘Something's missing...’ by @alvo_muses

‘As seen on screen’ by @HannahClancy_

‘Talking to me?’ by @samhenning

‘Sense’ by @superskidmore

‘Exposure/Insight’ by @themichaelash

‘Creative that draws everyone’ by @CaraAnneA

‘Creativity is in our DNA’ by @Thecharliedaws1

‘Let's get real’ by @Trevor_Ede78

'Silenced' by @ZedTrafficker

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