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Green Energy TikTok Social Responsibility

Hyundai unveils latest green drive to celebrate World Environment Day

By Emma Mulcahy

July 1, 2020 | 5 min read

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For legions of brands, this is a period of turbulence and uncertainty. Finding themselves in the grips of a global health crisis many are unsure what to make of the situation and more importantly, how to connect with valued customers in their time of need. In these circumstances, Hyundai has instead offered its customers a breath of fresh air.

Hyundai Tik Tok

Breaking through the cacophony of negative news and worried speculation, Hyundai is delivering on the potential of real change

Breaking through the cacophony of negative news and worried speculation, the company is delivering on the potential of real change and progression. Hyundai has flipped the narrative and chosen to believe in the better that exists in the wake of Covid-19. Flexing their long-standing creative partnership with K-pop music sensation BTS, Hyundai released a video to mark World Environment Day 2020 on June 5.

Watch the full ‘Hyundai x BTS: Positive Energy’ campaign video below:

Spreading positivity in the wake of Covid-19

In an attempt to look beyond the times we are currently living through, Hyundai is keen to promote the technologies available to us to make positive changes in our world. Fuel cell vehicles that use hydrogen and emit only water have long been a goal of green-energy advocates. They have advantages over battery-powered cars, including quicker refueling and longer range. But they remain a novelty.

Hyundai is, however, betting on fuel cells and has produced the world’s first production vehicle running on hydrogen. Its second generation hydrogen-electric SUV, the Hyundai NEXO vehicle - first unveiled in 2018 - is the company’s most advanced fuel cell model and the first ever mass-produced hydrogen powered car.

But making history once is not enough for Hyundai; the company has ambitions to expand hydrogen technology from cars to ships, rail cars and power generators in the future.

Hyundai Tik Tok image 2

The creative approach to the World Environment Day campaign

To raise awareness of the hydrogen technology, and also use it as the route to communicate a positive energy campaign, the long-term collaboration with BTS celebrates a shared commitment to protect the environment for future generations, and their ambition to promote a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Successfully leveraging their brand ambassadors, the campaign included a new digital film, as part of the Global Hydrogen Campaign. The film combined futuristic visuals with a soundtrack inspired by the natural sound of water; the only by-product of a hydrogen vehicle. All of this was delivered with BTS’ signature flair, connecting with viewers through their love for the environment and uplifting music.

Taking this one step further, the video urged viewers to join the conversation online on TikTok and helped create an even stronger sense of community. The platform is rising in popularity among young millennials, particularly during Lockdown, who used it as a way of participating in challenges and connecting with others. TikTok was a prime opportunity for Hyundai to engage with their younger customers and get them excited about their environmentally conscious technology.

The #PositiveEnergyChallenge, promoted to viewers, saw fans doing something related to water and singing along to the song, perfectly capturing the positive outlook that the campaign looked to inspire in fans. The #PositiveEnergyChallenge aimed to raise awareness of Hyundai’s environmentally sustainable products, while bolstering the spirits of millennials in Lockdown, encouraging them to come together as a community in creating a brighter and better future.

The campaign proved hugely popular, with 913,979 participants taking part in the challenge, alongside 1.8 billion video views worldwide and a massive 276 million engagements. In addition to these figures, BTS’ eventual entry into the TikTok challenge themselves added a real sense of synergy to the campaign, strengthening the message of the campaign as well as the bond with their fanbase.

Fans were encouraged to tag friends and share their content on various social platforms to buoy fans’ positivity and share it with their peers. Selected participants were also in with the chance of winning exclusive Hyundai x BTS merchandise, made entirely from upcycled materials.

In the current climate of uncertainty, where people are living week to week, it is natural for people to experience a real sense of burn-out. Being constantly inundated with advice and news is causing many consumers to shut out brand communications, feeling fatigued by everything. This counter approach to the pandemic has meant that Hyundai has created a unique space for itself.

In a world on Lockdown, when it’s proving more difficult than ever before for people to gather, Hyundai has found a way to bring individuals together as part of a strong, online-based community. Theirs and BTS’ call to join this worldwide movement of sustainability is a fascinating one, that is resonating with a whole generation of future consumers.

Green Energy TikTok Social Responsibility

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