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June 19, 2020 | 3 min read

This year’s Chip Shop Awards winners have been announced, and it has been revealed that the Chair's award has been bestowed on 'Show Your Ring,' by the new consultancy, The Copy Docs.

The Chip Shop Awards as the only creative awards with no rules, in order to allow those in and outwith the advertising sector to explore and celebrate ideas-first.

'Show Your Ring' was submitted to the Best Use of Bad Taste category and was described by Ben Golik, executive creative director of M&C Saatchi London as a “really sweet campaign.”


Created for Prostate Cancer UK with the fictional idea of selling brown rings in bars for men to wear to show their solidarity, and raise awareness of the disease, was picked by Golik who discussed his reasons for liking the work:

“They've taken the rubber charity-band cliche and created a brown version for your finger. More than that, it was a slightly gross takeoff on that thought, but they then put a really smart campaign around it.

“It's really nicely designed and typeset with the addition of some good lines, so in a nice thought out way, they subverted the bands, then turned this into a really sweet campaign.

“In those health campaigning areas, it's work like that, that can really stand out and make a difference, so If there's a good reason to wear a brown ring on your finger, it is to raise awareness about prostate cancer so, so bad taste for the best possible reason.”

In response to being asked about the use of ‘shock’ as an advertising tactic to draw attention, Golik agreed that it was a good measure to have in a creative’s ‘armory’ but only if used ‘right,’ with a group of people behind the idea ready to champion it.

He added: “You need good, smart, strong agents and good, smart, strong clients to rally together to get a piece of work like that through an organization, which isn't easy. But I think, for the right reasons for the right work, it can really pay off. I'm all for shock when it's well-deployed.”

Watch Golik’s full interview above, including his views on the other work judged within this year’s Chip Shop Awards, and hear his thoughts on how effective creative work can be made during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

The other winners from this year’s Chip Shop Awards can be found on the dedicated website.

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