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Ad Council promotes awareness of systemic racism in 'Fight For Freedom'

To support the ongoing fight for racial justice for the black community, the Ad Council has launched a PSA to inspire all Americans to fight for racial equality in America.

The latest in the organization's longstanding ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign, the spot holds a mirror to the simple acts of freedom often celebrated and taken for granted by non-black Americans and reveals the stark contrast of those freedoms and the way black people in the US have endured systemic racism and injustice.

Created with R/GA, it encourages viewers to come together for racial justice, directing to for educational and actionable resources to help continue the work toward equality.

“The campaign’s message is very simple yet profound: we all have a role to play in dismantling systemic racism in this country,” said Lisa Sherman, president & chief executive of the Ad Council. “It’s time for Americans to listen, learn, and act. While we know these long-simmering problems are nothing new, we want to leverage this moment in time, a national reckoning with race, and inspire change.”

Developed pro bono by R/GA, the spot reminds viewers that before they can celebrate the freedom most Americans have, they must fight for the freedom all Americans deserve.

Speaking on the campaign, R/GA strategist Aaron Harridge said: "We did this because we are educated to believe that 'freedom' is afforded to all Americans. This isn't true. We wanted to highlight the freedoms that the privileged masses take for granted. To truly achieve 'freedom' and take on the disproportionate systematic racism targeted at the Black community, we must all take action."

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