Isobar and Dentsumcgarrybowen launch content production platform The Content Symphony

Isobar and Dentsumcgarrybowen have announced a new global content solution to deliver a more nimble, efficient and effective way for clients to create content at scale. The platform, called The Content Symphony, uses a connected global studio network powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and linked sharing platforms to provide more content production visibility, agility and control.

Clients have long been challenged for more efficient and effective quality content solutions from content discovery to adaptation to distribution. The Content Symphony is a response to clients struggling with implementing global content at scale, for superior value.

With unfettered access to over 1,000 world class creative, design and production specialists The Content Symphony provides ease and expertise for clients at global scale with the ability to create curated teams purpose-built to serve specific the content needs of the modern client.

Using a single source of truth, the cloud-based, AI-enabled The Content Symphony platform unifies people, process and technology to ensure global consistency and local variation in a 24/7 cycle. Its functions include creative intelligence, storage and management, a first-of-its-kind fully-enabled content marketplace, data-driven insights and automated content delivery. Its core foundation technologies include Adobe Creative Cloud, Adstream, Workfront, Workfront Proof and Mosaic, while offering the flexibility to match to client-specific platforms also.

Prashant Mehta, global chief delivery officer, Isobar said: “The Content Symphony will transform the content production expectations in the marketplace. As an integrated, creative production network powered by technology and AI, The Content Symphony can ensure speed and scale for our clients while driving both efficiency and efficacy. In addition, the internal marketplace model enables competitive bidding for content, ensuring our clients are provided with the best price for their marketing needs. It’s win-win.”

Both Isobar and dentsumcgarrybowen have delivered content delivery services to their clients for a number of years, but the launch of The Content Symphony is the first time the power of DAN’s global creative network will be leveraged in this way across the entire customer journey.

Lucia Grillo, chief operating officer of dentsumcagarrybowen is driving The Content Symphony, and said: “Because we believe that clients deserve better, this model is the antithesis of the giant monoliths that have dominated the space for so long. Symphony enables freedom of choice for our clients, a nimble model that is responsive to their changing content needs, coupled with access to world class artists to serve those needs, anytime, anywhere.”

Jennifer Zimmerman, global chief strategy officer at dentsumcgarrybowen said: “The idea for The Content Symphony is based on the concept of theme and variation. This is what global clients are crying out for — the galvanizing nature of a central platform idea (the theme) with the ability to execute for the myriad needs of local markets, segments and business units (variation). What we’ve created is a nimble network of global studios, supported by next generation technology, to give clients a solution that is more efficient...but also more creatively effective.”