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Exploring the reasons behind the decline in charitable giving

June 2, 2020 | 2 min read

People are donating less money to charities in the UK than in previous years, according to a new white paper conducted by independent media agency and charity specialist, The Kite Factory and YouGov.

The report found five barriers explaining the decline in giving, which include intrusive comms; a lack of transparency over the progress of the donation; difficulty around donating; lack of proximity to the cause; and an unknown value exchange.

The Kite Factory and YouGov produced the proprietary research to examine the change in consumer behaviour within the context of charitable giving, after noticing that 12% of people are donating less directly to charities than in 2014.

The report aims to understand the barriers acting as an obstacle to financially supporting charities and learn what actions charities can take to motivate support from potential donors - especially considering that the recruitment of new donors is becoming increasingly expensive for many charity organisations.

The full report – available here for download – surveyed 2,126 respondents using YouGov’s RealTime Omnibus to find out what role charities can play in getting people to donate.

The report found that organisations need to alter the way they fundraising and find methods for asking for donations in a way that cultivates closeness and understanding, while demonstrating impact and creating value for the consumer.

The Kite Factory has developed an approach known as the ‘engagement framework’ which has already been implemented in some charities, like WaterAid, Diabetes UK, The British Red Cross and The Children’s Society, and has served to successfully change the way they deploy their fundraising strategies. The framework allows these organisations to continuously test the effectiveness of these strategies in both the short and long-term.

Christian Taylor, strategy director at The Kite Factory, says: “This research is designed to help focus attention on five key barriers for individual giving and provide charities with a tool to create integrated fundraising communications that tackle the barriers most relevant to them. The fundamentals of fundraising have reached an inflection point and we’re proud to be contributing to the revolution”.

Download the whitepaper here.

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