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Introducing Marketing Stories with Diane Young: unmissable magazine features in podcast form

Marketing Stories is a new podcast from The Drum

Marketing Stories with Diane Young is a new podcast series from The Drum, brought to you with the support of Readly. Each episode sees The Drum's chief executive and co-founder Diane Young pick out her favourite stories from The Drum magazine and read them for you.

This first episode features The Drum's CEO sharing an article from our Religion issue, which looks at how, as Muslim consumers gain more agency in the marketplace, brands across the world are changing the way they speak to and about this audience. Can they communicate without condescension?

There are calamitous repercussions for the brands that get it wrong but, as this episode demonstrates, there are great rewards for those that market themselves authentically and respectfully and without resorting to stereotypes.

Young said: “Our journalists produce superb in-depth content for our printed magazine that doesn't appear on The Drum website and I wanted to bring some sample articles to an audio format so that people beyond the reach of our print distribution could enjoy them.

“ Lockdown finally gave me the breathing space to get this project off the ground! There was so much to choose from across our recent issues and I hope my selection gives listeners real food for thought.“ 

Helen Brown, digital editor at Readly, added: “ Our own research reveals that reading – when left alone from other media types – becomes an intimate experience, causing the reader to lose track of time and spend as much as 15 minutes on one single article.

“However, we have also seen a shift in media consumption over the last few years as consumers look for more efficient and flexible ways of digesting content in a way that suits their busy lifestyle. While convenience and portability have always topped the list for Readly’s audience, they are now more important than ever. Readers want multi-platform delivery and a continuous stream of content consumption throughout the day.

“ In the last year we have introduced our featured articles feed to accommodate content 'snacking' throughout the day, and we have also experimented with audio articles. For magazine brands, it means that the 'magazine experience' is seeping out beyond reading into listening, watching and communicating. While reading continues to be the source and anchor point, the written word is being enriched by other experiences.“ 

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Google Podcasts search for 'Marketing Stories with Diane Young' on your favourite podcast app.

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