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BrewDog cheeky new IPA pokes fun at Cummings' Durham debacle

True to form, BrewDog has piped up to poke fun at Dominic Cummings and his recent lockdown journey, by christening its new beer 'Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA.'

Swiftly responding to the Cummings blunder, on Tuesday (26 May) BrewDog founder James Watt posted on Twitter, telling his followers that inspired by recent events, BrewDog was making a new beer.

While Watt asked Twitter users what to call the IPA, the post suggested 'Cummings & Goings,' '260 Miles,' 'Stay at Homes', and 'Barnard Castle Eye Test' as potential options.

Keeping its promise, the brewer has now put 'Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA' into production, marketing it as 'shortsighted beer for tall stories.'

Not prepared for the deluge of drinkers desperate to get their hands on a cool can, BrewDog's online shop briefly crashed under the pressure.

Available in two-weeks time, BrewDog has declared that all profits will go into funding its production of free sanitizer for the NHS and health care charities.

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