Ads We Like: Ikea shares 'easy-to-follow' instructions on how to build furniture forts

Imitating the distinctive simplicity of its flat-pack instructions, Ikea is providing parents with much-needed kids entertainment in the form of instructional sheets on how to build furniture forts.

While lockdown is hard enough on its own, lockdown with children is a different kettle of fish. To help parents keep their kids amused, Instinct has created a series of guides for Ikea Russia, while shrewdly promoting the retailers products.

The 'easy-to-follow' instructions detail how parents can create forts, dens and castles simply using everyday items such as Ikea's chairs, blankets, pillows and fairy lights - along with a dash of imagination.

While Ikea's stores have been shut since March, this hasn't slowed down its creative output. Last month, Ikea Israel worked with McCann Tel Aviv to make instructional sheets on how to stay home, including locking the door and having toilet paper.

To give thanks to those abiding to lockdown rules, Ikea Singapore created a short film that covered the simply joys of being home.

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