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May 6, 2020 | 3 min read

Lara Izlan, director of advertising, data and analytics for ITV and this year's chair of The Drum’s Digital Advertising Awards, has rewarded Rescue Remedy’s ‘Taking Flight’ digital campaign with the chair’s award.

Discussing the work produced for the the Bach flower remedy company, which is sold in Boots and and Superdrug, Izlan said that even though it wasn’t the largest campaign among this year's entries, it was her personal favourite because it embodied the best in contemporary digital advertising.

“What was nice was a couple of different things; the first one being the diversity of the data that they chose to bring into the mix. They use store location data which I they got from Boots stores in airports and also took in flight information data and context data... such as where people are heading on their journey. I love the diversity of the data sets that they were bringing in into, into the mix,” she explained.

Another element that caught Izlan’s eye was its use of targeting elements, derived from data, to capture audience attention.

“Using these data points to create target audiences, one of the great powers of digital advertising, it gave equal weight to the creative messaging as well. It brought all of those data points in when it came to personalizing or making creative messaging suit the context and the audience. And all of those different pieces were quite harmonious and that really appealed to me.

“Within digital advertising we've come a long way, especially with the use of data to ensure that we're putting our messages in front of the right people,” continued Izlan. She believes that the industry is still only scratching the surface of what is possible in personalization through connected television and out-of-home advertising.

Izlan also shared the trends she felt were clear among the work in this year’s awards and discussed how digital advertising might change in response to Covid-19.

You can watch Lara explain why she thought 'Taking Flight' deserved to win the chair's award in the video above.

Check out the rest of the winners from this year's The Drum Digital Advertising Awards online here.

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