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BMW sends messages of hope as China picks itself up from the coronavirus pandemic

The film, created by Juice Network Beijing, is written as a letter to the year 2020.

BMW has launched a campaign in China featuring messages of encouragement and hope for the country as it continues its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

China has started to lift its social restrictions as the number of new locally transmitted cases slowed.

The film, created by Juice Network Beijing, is written as a letter to the year 2020. It acknowledges the testing times endured and looks onward to a hopeful future as the letter welcomes 2020, again.

Narrated by Chinese singer and actor Jackson Yee, BMW said campaign tagline; “The blue sky and white clouds will arrive as promised” aptly sums up the message of encouragement and that the imminent future deserves to be welcomed with passion and positivity.

“The campaign uses a double narrative, ‘Blue Sky and White Clouds’ referring to the brand’s nickname in China, representing both BMW and the hope that with every day, no matter what happens, it is a day where we can find optimism,” said Stephane Koeppel, the head of marketing and brand management at BMW China.

The Drum previously looked at how major brands and technology firms in China are starting to launch major efforts to re-boost the economy and help brands get in front of consumers once again.

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