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Rivals Moove Media and XCO partner to boost OOH in Singapore during coronavirus


By Charlotte McEleny, Asia Editor

March 25, 2020 | 5 min read

Two major players in Singapore’s out-of-home (OOH) landscape have come together to create the ‘Twin Titans’ package, to give advertisers access to both businesses advertising real estate in one place during the coronavirus outbreak.


Rivals Moove Media and XCO partner to boost OOH in Singapore during Coronavirus

Across the world countries are having to go into various versions of ‘lockdown’, limiting social interaction and movement around public spaces. In China, this has already been predicted to impact ad spend, particularly non-digital formats. In Singapore, the impact and social distancing measures have been more gradual but it is likely that the ad industry will be affected.

Taxi giant ComfortDelGro's Moove Media and train operator SMRT's The X Collective (XCO) have come together to help advertisers who themselves need to seek more cost-effective means of advertising during challenging times. Singtel and McDonald’s have been the first two brands to sign up to the deal.

Dawn Low, managing director of XCO and executive vice president for SMRT Experience, said: “This first-ever landmark collaboration between two established OOH giants delivers to our partners extended benefits, and value across media coverage and customer engagement”

Expanding on the deal, a spokesperson for both partners explained: “Moove Media and XCO are two established out-of-home media companies, and we complement each other through our integrated advertising capabilities inclusive of our media offerings and creative solutions. We are collaborating on this partnership to launch the Twin Titans package, in support of our advertisers during this challenging time.

“Our advertisers will be able to enjoy a wider reach, unparalleled value and cost savings of up to 70% for their campaigns from now till 31 May 2020. We firmly believe at a time like this, such collaboration is the way forward because it brings value to the advertising industry. Advertisers can expect more tangible solutions and media package innovations.”

The partnership sees advertisers able to buy in-train panels and window stickers in six trains across five train lines: Circle, East-West and North-South Lines that are operated by SMRT; and North East and Downtown Lines that are operated by SBS Transit. The bus packages, on the other hand, include 14 single deck bus wraps; eight double-deck bus wraps; and 12 double-deck rear bus panels.

Jayne Kwek, chief executive of Moove Media, said: “This partnership with XCO is a great opportunity for Moove to offer our advertising partners an even more attractive package which better addresses their needs. On top of Moove’s current offerings, this new package, which combines both Moove and XCO’s best assets, will definitely deliver greater mileage and an even greater reach.”

Explaining the value to advertisers, the spokesperson added: “Our advertisers value the cost-effectiveness and island-wide coverage in this package. These are components that contribute to a more impactful advertising campaign, that deliver long-term results such as greater awareness and higher recall.”

While the industry is still trying to understand the impact that tough and uncertain times during the coronavirus will have on the economy, media brands and publishers are wise to add value to brands where they can. The coming together of two rivals is a significant move and one likely to be welcomed by brands hoping to get better returns on spending this year.

OOH Future of Media Coronavirus

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