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By John Glenday, Reporter

March 16, 2020 | 2 min read

Ovo Energy has ramped up a powerful appeal to eco curious customers with the release of a new climate change video that dispenses a sunny burst of optimism.

Home Front has set out what individuals can do to play their part to lower Britain’s carbon footprint by choosing a carbon-neutral energy plan and reducing energy waste.

It is estimated that an individual’s home energy usage accounts for 26% of their total carbon footprint. If all UK households became carbon neutral it is estimated that this would save 101m tonnes of carbon per year (or 22% of the UK’s entire carbon emissions).

Sarah Booth, Ovo's director of brand and marketing, said: “With this campaign, we want to highlight that although the climate crisis can be incredibly overwhelming, there is every reason to be optimistic. Our home energy accounts for 26% of our carbon footprint; by making changes to the energy we choose and how efficiently we use that energy, we can start to reduce that to zero. If everyone in the UK does this together, we could eventually reduce our national carbon footprint by over 101m tonnes per year. We have immense power and together we can take meaningful steps to change climate change.”

Will Thacker, co-founder of 20something, added: "The narrative has to change. It’s time to stop ringing the fire bell and start putting out the fire. We are all aware of the crisis, but instead of creating more ecophobia, and contributing to climate anxiety, we need to give people hope and help them find realistic ways to act. This quote from a 20-year-old climate activist sums it up perfectly - ‘The greatest threat we face is not climate change, but the helplessness we feel in the face of it’."

Ovo appointed 20something to help raise its profile in a crowded energy sector in September last year, with a remit to increase brand recognition throughout the UK.

Ovo Energy: The Home Front

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