Wendy's introduces General Brigadier Sanders in swipe at KFC

Fresh from taking a swipe at Burger King’s new fries-only sandwich on Twitter, Wendy's is now targeting KFC in New Zealand to promote its new karaage chicken.

To do that, it has enlisted a Texas National Guard retiree as an ambassador of the campaign Brigadier General Sanders, one rank higher than Colonel.

The campaign film, created by Augusto, sees General Brigadier Sanders arriving in New Zealand to sample the new fried chicken. He is greeted at a Wendy's with homemade signs from staff, shadows a worker as he pulls some nuggets out of a fryer (asking "Is there a secret recipe with this?"), and then goes on to taste test Wendy's chicken and a bucket of KFC chicken.

He declares the Wendy's offering a "superior fried chicken" and that it will "make the family name proud" as he dumps the KFC bucket into the trash.

"Augusto is great to work with, they always come up with ideas that cut through the clutter of our deep-pocketed competitors and we always have a bit of fun in the process,” says Danielle Lendich, the chief executive of Wendy’s.

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