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How can brand marketers master closed ecosystems?

The panel will empower marketers and their brands to take back control of their digital campaigns

More and more marketers are starting to realise that relying on third party data is a risky strategy, with recent scandals at the likes of Facebook and Google suggesting brands cannot always rely on the consumer insight that comes from these platforms.

Yet in a climate where consumers are demanding a balance between privacy and personalisation, something only walled gardens like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Amazon can really provide, brands have no real choice but to work with these publishers and broadcasters.

This panel at the Digital Transformation Festival is all about showing brands how they can work successfully within these platforms and master their closed ecosystems without losing control or alienating their consumers. It will empower marketers and their brands to take back control of their digital campaigns and ensure a strong performance without relying on the black boxes of walled gardens or letting them grade their own homework.

The panel from The Drum in partnership with 4C Insights will examine the success stories of brands that have bridged wall-gardens by using forward-thinking management technology that can achieve cross-channel consistency and let them know exactly what is and isn’t working about their digital brand strategy.

Hosted by The Drum’s editor Stephen Lepitak, this panel will include a discussion with Karl Knight, 4C Insights’ VP of revenue for EMEA, Mykim Chikli, Performics’ UK CEO.

This group will also look at how agencies are facilitating the brand journey to master closed ecosystems, and whether it is ever possible for brands to create their own walled gardens that are independent from the Google’s and Facebook’s of this world.

The idea that walled gardens can be opened up to consumers to get closer to brands, something WeChat has experimented with in the past, will also be explored, as our panel aims to demystify a subject that so often leaves brand marketers feeling confused and overwhelmed.

To register your interest in attending this panel discussion, visit here.