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The visual trends that will define 2020

The creative industries help to define the look of an era. As much as architecture and literature have an enormous impact, the style and flavour of a decade is primarily decided by the creatives. While that’s a privilege, it is also a responsibility that means creatives must be the ones to constantly push themselves to try new things. After all, nothing’s worse than stagnation.

That’s especially true in the media and marketing world. Too often brands find themselves playing catch-up with the trends being created for younger audiences, instead of working with them collaboratively. That risks alienating savvy millennial and Generation Z consumers, who recognise when they’re being sold to.

In their latest DrumCast, The Drum, in conversation with Adobe Stock and Dentsu in their latest webinar, drew from Adobe’s 2020 Creative Trends report and explored in detail some of the most important visual trends and sub trends for the year. The webinar was moderated by Drum Network editor, Chris Sutcliffe who was joined by Richard West, EMEA manager, Strategic Development at Adobe, global head of creative technology at Denstu, James Thomas and Sabrina Rodriguez, Dentsu’s global head of digital marketing.

Watch the recording above to learn more about the latest and most important visual trends for 2020

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