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How digital technologies can transform your internal communications

By Olivia Atkins, Writer

February 14, 2020 | 4 min read

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As digital transformation takes the advertising industry by storm, some company processes have fallen short. However, Workplace from Facebook's fascinating new report suggests that Workplace – an online team collaboration tool that functions within the social media platform – could help businesses boost productivity and create a more effective in-house infrastructure.

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The report provides six ways for CEOs to make their business more connected

The ‘Building connected organisations; Understanding the role of internal communications in digital transformation initiatives’ whitepaper looks at the different functions available on Workplace – from voice & video calls; smarter workflows; instant messaging; group calls; multi-company groups; live broadcasting; and team organisation; there’s not a lot the mobile tool can’t do. Fill in the form at the end of this article to download the report for free.

The report states that businesses need to undergo a cultural transformation and involve employees in this evolution; let them participate more directly in strategy and decision-making if they want to regain their trust in the organisation.

Re-establishing this connection is fundamental, not just in tackling mental health issues at work but in improving productivity rates – which ultimately makes them more profitable. The report provides six ways for CEOs to make their business more connected:

Culture of openness

Workplace from Facebook provides businesses with the opportunity to be more transparent as the platform allows for groups - where anybody can comment, post or share all types of content – to be created. These groups provide a much more accessible way for employees to speak with one other as well as with more senior members, rather than rely on email threads or 1:1 conversations, therefore creating more efficient management structures.


Workplace Chat, a feature within Workplace, acts as an effective instant messaging tool that allows workers to perform tasks and stay connected wherever they are – an increasingly important trait given the rise of remote working. With features like voice calls and video conferencing available, office functionality can resume even if workers aren’t actually on-site. Embedded chatbots within Chat mean that repetitive processes such as checking pay slips, reporting bugs and booking time off can be automatically managed.


According to the report, Facebook is now the biggest photo sharing platform in the world and with one in every five videos on Facebook today a Live video, it’s no surprise that businesses have bolstered their use of Workplace's Live video function, which means that they can share content authentically and in real time. Live allows organisations to break news instantaneously, provide regular business updates or broadcast activities and events as they’re happening.

Integrated technology

Workplace allows businesses to integrate different cloud services so that different apps are recognised and can operate more seamlessly. This function also ensures that security across the platforms is safe and delivers clearer measurement for impact and ROI.

Ubiquitous connections

As the industry moves towards an increasingly freelance workforce, especially in the US, Workplace from Facebook offers businesses the opportunity to easily connect in-house teams as well as with external organisations. This helps to improve the speed and ease of collaboration – enabling clients and agencies to work together better.

Personalised information

Using advanced machine learning and algorithms, Worplace's News Feed can figure out what each user wants to see so that information is tailored to their interests by sifting through any information that would be deemed unimportant. As the old adage goes, time is precious; and this function means that employees can focus on the task at hand rather than become distracted by the mismanagement and flood of information.

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Communications Machine Learning Technology

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Workplace from Facebook

Discover Workplace, an online team collaboration tool using Facebook features for work. Communicate within your company through a familiar interface with Workplace...

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