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Free whitepaper: How Yext is empowering businesses to get Google right

Take control of how your brand appears in Google and deliver the answers customers are seeking about your business

With over 5.6 billion searches made by consumers every day, Google is the world’s most renowned search engine. Also operating Google Maps, one of the most popular local search and mapping apps, the accuracy of a business’s facts on Google can often mean the difference between succeeding or failing. With the launch of the Google My Business (GMB) API, business owners now have greater control over how their brand appears in the popular search engine while being able to manage in real-time crucial information such as opening hours, analytics, and directions (via Google Maps).

Yext’s new whitepaper is a definitive guide to how to master Google, which will help give you a competitive edge in retail. Packed with tips on maximising impact in local search you will learn how to claim your business through GMB, use its API effectively, and also work with the search experience cloud platform to perfect how your retail business is presented to consumers online.

As a platform, Yext demystifies the process of using GMB and takes away the complexity of collecting, storing and managing information by providing an easy to use system that will allow you to truly take back control of Google. Yext allows you to manage the public facts about your business and how they appear on third-party listings, mobile apps and internal systems, by centralising and structuring this data so it is also discoverable to voice assistants and GPS systems.

“Without Yext, we wouldn’t have had any way to update our store hours across Google, which we now rely on to serve our community of customers with transparent, fast updates specific to their neighbourhood stores," according to Farryn Weiner, VP of marketing and brand strategy at Sweetgreen.

“And the addition of Google to the Knowledge Network enables us to enter new communities with all of the critical location and contact information, so we can connect with the local neighbourhood the moment our doors open.”

With the launch of the GMB API and its subsequent enhancements, Google continues to make it easy for brands to update the facts about their business in a way that reflects the real-time realities of how they operate. This three-part guide will show you how to seamlessly update these attributes through the Yext platform so that your listings are up to date and consumers can find your business for the features that make it stand out.

We now live in a world where businesses can improve their customer experience, increase traffic, and drive operational efficiencies with just a few clicks. Take control of how your brand appears in Google and deliver the answers customers are seeking about your business.

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