Google joins forces with WHO to launch SOS Alert on coronavirus outbreak

Google has launched an SOS Alert in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), to make resources about Coronavirus easily accessible to people affected by or looking to learn more about the outbreak.

The Coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019, has so far seen 9,822 people infected across China, Europe and North America. 214 people have died so far, all in China.

The WHO has declared the crisis a global health emergency.

When people look for information related to Coronavirus on Google Search, they will find the SOS Alert at the top of the results page.

This alert will provide direct access to news, safety tips, information and resources from the WHO website, and the latest updates from WHO on Twitter.

In addition, Google has issued a $250,000 direct grant to the Chinese Red Cross to help support relief efforts and launched an internal campaign inviting Googlers to donate. It claims so far, Google and Googlers have raised over $800,000 USD.

Agency networks WPP, Publicis and IPG have all decided to restrict staff travel to China during the Coronavirus outbreak.