Chipotle calls timeout on traditional advertising with TikTok creator partnership

US fast-food restaurant Chipotle is eschewing traditional advertising in favour of a high stakes partnership with some of TikTok’s best-known creators to reach sports fans.

The pairing will see the likes of David Dobrik, Brittany Broski and Zach King speak to fans directly throughout the match to inform them of free delivery Sundays for all orders greater than $10 with TikTok Timeout.

Content will air during each commercial break proceeding a timeout with each star bringing their style to the tune of Justin Bieber’s ‘Yummy’.

Chief marketing officer Chris Brandt said: "The second screen is essential to the modern-day football viewing experience for Gen-Z. TikTok Timeout allows us to show up where our target audience is and optimize the entertainment value of the evening by delivering them fresh content featuring their favourite creators."

The off-field campaign is targeted at a digitally-savvy Generation Z audience by going head to head with traditional advertisements to command the attention of viewers.