By Sonoo Singh, associate editor

January 27, 2020 | 3 min read

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We live in a world where brands no longer influence people. People do. That is the mantra of Iris Worldwide that was born 21 years ago. To celebrate its anniversary, Iris Worldwide has partnered with The Drum to launch ‘The Outsiders’ programme - the theme of The Drum Show.

The Outsiders Campaign

This special series will celebrate The Outsiders people and companies who come from outside establishments

Host Gordon Young, The Drum's co-founder and editor-in-chief, is joined by Iris Worldwide global CEO and co-founder, Ian Millner; chief marketing officer of Pizza Hut Europe, Beverley d’ Cruz; and Jon Evans, former CMO at Brew Dog and Lucozade, and publisher of his own podcast, The Uncensored CMO.

“The Outsiders programme is all about celebrating people who can think outside of the industry bubble and are truly fearless,” according to Millner.

Utilising The Drum’s media platform, the year-long ‘The Outsiders’ programme will deliver exclusive content including panel discussions and live experiences at events including The Drum Arms in Austin during SXSW, in London during Advertising Week Europe, and in Cannes during Cannes Lions Festival that will each aim to push the marketing industry forward.

“This special series will celebrate The Outsiders people and companies who come from outside establishments to challenge the status quo, disrupt things and generally shake things up. I like to think The Drum fits into that category. As Iris Worldwide marks its 21st anniversary, it puts much of its success down to the fact it has never conformed to industry norms,” says Young.

The Drum Show is hosted on LinkedIn and Twitter, bringing together voices from across the industry to talk about the top topics of the week.

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We know safe is dangerous. We work with ambitious clients to create a bold way forward out of change, challenge and disruption.

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