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Snickers teases its Super Bowl ads claiming it will fix ‘out of sorts’ world on game day

Snickers is digging a big hole to tackle the world’s annoying problems, and it claims it will solve them during the Super Bowl.

The teasers, created by BBDO New York and AMV BBDO, feature people in hard hats digging at a construction site with shovels and heavy equipment, talking about the modern world’s everyday annoyances that brought them there.

Those featured in the teasers state what brought them to help dig the giant hole, things like people talking on speakerphone in public, underachieving grown children still living at home, selfie sticks, robocalls and social media trolls. Text states that “The world is out of sorts. We’ll fix it Super Bowl Sunday.” It’s supported by the hashtag #SnickersFixTheWorld.

“We live in a world today that feels out of sorts and we have a big idea to do something about it,” said Josh Olken, brand director, Snickers. “Will it work? Who knows! But I think fans will enjoy our approach to fix it all that will be revealed in the full Super Bowl LIV commercial.”

The candy bar is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its irreverent ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign with this twist that the world is not quite itself.

Fans will also be able to see the Snickers plan in action when the brand releases a special long-form version of its Super Bowl ad on its YouTube page later in the week. Its Super Bowl ad will debut during the third commercial break of the first quarter of the game.

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