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By Dani Gibson, Senior Writer

January 20, 2020 | 2 min read

AirAsia has unveiled its Chinese New Year ad, ushering in the celebrations and casting fresh eyes on the age-old tradition of the lion dance.

The custom is an essential part of CNY festivities, bringing good luck and fortune. The ad depicts a young boy’s grand journey as he travels to his grandmother’s house for the Lunar New Year.

He daydreams about flying through the skies while wondering if he will meet the famed lion. He sees his family celebrating various CNY traditions.

He becomes disheartened when it appears it won’t show but when all hope seems lost, his father hands him a hongbao letter, giving him the luck he needs to meet the lion.

Chief executive officer of AirAsia Singapore Logan Velaitham said, “At AirAsia, we want to encourage our flyers to start the new decade with excitement and childlike wonder, letting it light the path to achieve double blessings of abundance, adventure and happiness for the new year.”

Rudy Khaw, group head of branding, AirAsia Group added: “To a child, every journey is a grand adventure. At AirAsia, that's exactly how we view travel. It isn't just a journey, but an adventure waiting to be unravelled. It's through travel that we find purpose, discover new experiences, reconnect with our loved ones and make new connections.”

Scripted by AirAsia’s in-house brand team, the ad invites viewers to go on their own adventures with an all-in AirAsia big member promotional fares.

AirAsia: Whatever Makes You Fly, Fly With Us

By AirAsia

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