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Shutterstock's design trends: roaring 2020s, mystic occulture and blooming flowers

Shutterstock predicts 'roaring 2020,' occulture and blooming flowers as 2020 creative trends

Shutterstock has released its ninth creative trends report that predicts what style trends will be thriving in 2020. The report reflects patterns in data, which the team used to predict the overarching themes for the year ahead.

In homage to the 'modern' world of F. Scott Fitzgerald, twinkling flappers and art deco, the 'Roaring 2020s' was the top creative trend, with 'gold pattern' up 4223% year-on-year. '20s retro' also saw an increase of 189% from the previous year.

Shutterstock also predicts that magic, astrology, palmistry and other spiritual pursuits that fall within the sphere of occult subculture will also rise up throughout the year. It said according to data patterns, alt-faiths and age-old beliefs are enchanting millennials and gen-Z. Searches for 'magic' were up 525%, spiritual up 289% and horoscopes up 37%.

And flowers are predicted to be in full bloom this year, with floral arrangements and delicate displays receiving a lot of attention. Flowerscape was up 141%, bloom up 136% and live wall up 83%.

On the release of the report, Lou Weiss, chief marketing officer at Shutterstock said: "This year’s data points toward the pursuit of meaning, happiness and opportunity in new creative projects — traits that may be reflective of the uncertainty in our climate and the year ahead.

“The analysis, which is grounded in data from billions of keyword searches made by marketers, social media managers, video producers and designers, provides a glimpse into the creative trends that we expect to engage consumers on a much bigger scale. It also serves as a source of inspiration for our customers and contributors as they develop creative projects in 2020," he added.

Shutterstock's 2019 creative trends report highlighted how visual aesthetics of the past were far from dead. The report named the top three trends for 2019 as 'Zine Culture, '80s Opulence' and 'Yesterday's tomorrow'.

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