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Heineken demonstrates the divide between expectation and reality in Bond parody

Daniel Craig has reprised his role as Heineken ambassador with a new parody advert depicting a clumsy, out of shape and forgetful Bond character who saves the day with a bottle of non-alcoholic beer.

Daniel Craig vs James Bond depicts the debonair agent relaxing on the beach but things quickly go awry when he misplaces his passport on the back seat of a taxi, sparking a comedic dash across Spain to be reunited with the document.

Capitalising on mounting hype for the looming release of No Time to Die in cinemas this April the piece ditches Hollywood glamour for a more realistic portrayal of foreign travel.

Heineken is playing up a disconnect between the screen and audience expectations in more ways than one with the famous the OO agent once again foregoing a vodka martini as the advert concludes.

The promotional activity follows a fan poster competition organized by MGM, Universal Pictures and EON Productions to help build anticipation.

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