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Apple’s Chinese New Year ad focuses on a single mother’s family story

Apple launches its 2020 Chinese New Year ad

Apple is continuing its strategy of telling a Chinese New Year story using only its phone technology, this year focusing on three generations of women in a family and how breaking from cultural convention impacts them on Chinese New Year.

For the past few years, Apple has written a poignant family-related story around Chinese New Year and used the technology within its phones to show how professional content can be made only using a mobile phone.

The ads can be viewed on Apple's Youku channel.

For 2020, the story is called ‘Daughter’ and is inspired by true stories about a woman who goes against cultural norms to raise her daughter on her own. The story shows the tensions this creates with her own mother and the challenges she faces in bringing up a child by herself around the Chinese New Year.

While the film is shot using Apple’s 4K technology on the iPhone 11 Pro, the talent brought in on the ad is very much professional. Academy Award-nominated director Theodore Melfi and award-winning cinematographer Lawrence Sher both worked on the ad, while award-winning Chinese actress Zhou Xun plays the main character.

The concept behind the story was to show how there are big generational differences in China, particularly when it comes to the concept of family. The meaning underneath the film, according to Apple is “no matter how much we all grow apart, humanity has the power to bring us together”.

Apple has also launched a ‘behind the scenes’ film, to help people inspired by the film learn how to make professional-quality films themselves. Apple also hosted a Q&A session at its Shanghai store this weekend, featuring Melfi and Sher.

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