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Asda warns against compromise in dark ad championing plant-based range

Asda's new brand campaign has eschewed the dangers of compromise in a darkly funny spot touting its new plant-based products.

'Deep Trouble' saw couple Katie and Simon meet in the middle when planning a holiday. Katie seeks adventure and Simon just wants a mudbath. After some set-up, we cut to the couple being rescued from a muddy field during torrential rains. The ad from AMV BBDO informs viewers of Asda's growing plant-based range, claiming customers are not making a compromise by going meat-free. This taps into the growing trend of veganism and the ever-so timely, Veganuary.

Andy Murray, chief customer officer at Asda, said: “At Asda, we have premium quality own-brand products and branded favourites at excellent prices, all under one roof, so there is no need for our customers to settle for less. This new ad campaign brings all of that to life, mixed with the playful personality our customers know and love.”

Eilidh Macaskill, vice president creative and media at Asda, added: “Through our fun, playful and optimistic brand personality, we want to encourage customers to go after what they really want, especially if that’s great value, high-quality products for all occasions.”

Asda revealed we will see more of the couple in the coming months, as part of the 'Don't Compromise' campaign.

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