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JD.com challenges Starbucks’ attempt to own the ‘third space’ with Seven Fun launch


By Charlotte McEleny, Asia Editor

December 24, 2019 | 3 min read

JD.com has launched a lifestyle store concept in Beijing as part of a strategy to own people’s ‘third space’, beyond home and work.


JD.com challenges Starbucks’ attempt to own the ‘third space’ with Seven Fun launch

The concept of the third space’ has been adopted heavily by Starbucks in its strategy across the globe, but particularly in China.

The JD.com idea behind Seven Fun is different, in that it is less of a coffee shop and more a store with lifestyle concepts within it. According to JD.com, the combination of “dining + drinking + social” is a unique concept to China.

The announcement explained that the retailer was tapping into a global consumer trend for wanting more than just a retail space - “As global consumers are shifting from going to the store to buy products to going to the store to experience products and buy services, delivering experiences has been essential for retailers to attract and retain consumers.”

The store is located in Galaxy SOHO on the second ring road of Beijing. The store targets working professionals between the ages of 26 to 45.

“As a lifestyle retailer, Seven Fun is innovating the retail landscape in China,” said Jonathan Wang, head of 7Fresh, JD.com. “Through this concept, JD.com provides an unprecedented “SOLOMOME” (social, local, mobile and personalized) offline experience that serves as a pioneering model for future brick-and-mortar stores.”

The store covers a lot of ground, approximately 10,000 sq.ft, according to JD.com. Within that space, visitors can expect 3,500 products, 12 different restaurants and a networking or gathering space where events or parties can be held. One specific boast of the space is that it has one of the best liquor selections in Beijing.

JD.com plans to expand the concept of Seven Fun to other tier-one cities throughout 2020.

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