NME launches in Australia to disrupt local music scene

British music website New Musical Express (NME) has announced the launch of its Australian website.

NME, which is owned by Singapore-based BandLab Technologies, wants to disrupt the music scene in Australia with dedicated daily news, regular long form features and events planned throughout 2020 and beyond.

It will also extend its NME Awards to include new Australian awards categories to highlight and recognise Australian artists on a global stage.

“NME has long been recognised as one of the world’s leading authorities in music and pop culture, known for our distinctive voice and point of view. We’re excited to be opening a new platform for Australian artists, both established and emerging, as well as a channel for brands to engage with an audience of music lovers in Australia and globally,” said Meng Ru Kuok, the chief executive officer of BandLab Technologies.

“With the launch of our stand-alone brand extension in Australia, our team’s best writers will be shining a spotlight on the artists and stories coming out of one of the world’s most compelling music scenes.”

NME previously worked with Netflix to release a one-shot issue of its now-defunct print magazine to build a buzz around the launch of its show, The Umbrella Academy.